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Grabbagreen CDA Grows Hydroponic Vegetables Inside Their Restaurant | Grabbagreen

COEUR D’ALENE, IDAHO – July 20, 2017 – When you order food + juice from Grabbagreen in Coeur d’Alene, it may look like any other health-conscious beverage or bowl; however, you will be tasting the freshest possible vegetables which are harvested on demand from their hydroponic indoor, mini farm system. Grabbagreen CDA is leading the way by piloting the latest equipment in the restaurant industry.The hydroponic system allows year-round production for hyper local greens which is the mantra behind the decision to grow greens indoors and harvest them at peak nutritional value.

To celebrate, Grabbagreen will be holding a special unveiling free and public event on Tuesday, July 25 from 3-6pm for this emerging concept. Food + juice samplings will be provided, along with raffles and other giveaway items.

“I am very passionate about food and health and opened a Grabbagreen knowing it was a long overdue necessity for today’s society to be provided with an efficient and legitimate source of nutrition on the go,” says Christina Horton of Horton Harbor, LLC, franchisee of the CDA location. “I have always thought it would be amazing if restaurants could grow food right in house, and when VH Hydroponics and CXT/LBFoster reached out regarding a partnership aimed to promoting greens grown on location, I knew it would further the message of fresh and enhance the customer experience here in Coeur D’Alene.

“In the industry today, many restaurants claim to be farm to table,” says Horton. “In our opinion, that term should be indicative of genuine local food to ensure the nutrients are as intact as possible, and we are so excited to be an authentic, farm-to-table restaurant here in CDA.”

Grabbagreen’s gardens are hydroponic indoor mini farms, designed by VH Hydroponics (VHH), headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska and manufactured by their partner CXT out of Spokane, Washington. “Families can now grow exactly what they need, right in their own home”, said Dan Perpich, VHH CEO. Perpich added that this is a simple and enjoyable way to farm and that kids can help grow food and learn about gardening and nutrition. “Make gardening a family affair!”

We are delighted to be working with a progressive minded, health oriented group such as Grabbagreen,” says Darren Stuck, GM of CXT Spokane, WA. “Collectively, the partnership between VH Hydroponics and CXT/LBFoster is aimed to promote healthy lifestyles by providing fresh greens grown on location in a manner that enhances the customer experience, and allows the restaurateur another means to further embody the message of ‘Fresh, Wholesome, and Local’.”

An indoor mini farm can provide a family with all of their leafy vegetable needs, year round. Some of the benefits of growing food hydroponically include:

  • Safe, clean and dry harvest, without pesticides, herbicides or GMOs
  • Lower overall impact on the environment
  • Harvested just in time for top nutritional content
  • Grow just about any green or herb and many medicinals
  • Small footprint, able to grow in most living spaces and indoor environments

“We are very excited for Christina and Ben Horton, as they are the first franchisee across the country to pilot test the Hydroponics system in hopes to eventually launch Hydroponics systems in all Grabbagreen locations,” says Keely Newman, CEO of Grabbagreen. “Our mission is to ‘Lead the Charge in Making Fast Food Healthy’ and the synergy of healthy fast food and gardening technology makes perfect sense. Not only in terms of raising awareness to healthy fast food, but more specifically connecting people to their food source. Our whole-food menu at Grabbagreen is naturally gluten-free, preservative-free and GMO free. Customers in Coeur D’Alene can now know and see first hand where their food is being produced.”

About VH Hydroponics:
VH Hydroponics is an agricultural technology company that designs and builds smart farming solutions for use around the world. Headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska, the company’s initial vision was to solve food production challenges inherent in northern climates. Their solution, a 40’ Containerized Growing System (CGS), came to market in 2015. On its fourth generation, this industrial grade turnkey farm-in-a-box is optimized for high yield, year round production.

To compliment their existing product line and bring commercial growing techniques to consumers, VHH has developed a cabinet-style in home hydroponic growing system. This product enables a family to grow vegetables inside the home all year round. A veteran owned company, VHH manufactures all their systems in the United States in a 120,000 sq facility located in Spokane, Washington, with emphasis on commitment to both environmental, health and safety excellence.

About Grabbagreen

Founded in 2013, Grabbagreen is a fast food food + juice restaurant where great tasting, healthy food meet the speed and convenience of traditional fast food. Grabbagreen’s food and juice menu is  preservative-free, naturally gluten-free and GMO free. The whole food menu is based on super food ingredients and offers a full selection of grain and green-based bowls with fresh hormone-free and antibiotic-free proteins provided by local farms, fresh-pressed juice, handcrafted smoothies and acai bowls, breakfast and healthy kid-friendly items. All signature menu items are prepared fresh, made-to-order and provide a delicious experience for customers and a variety of flavors to meet dietary needs. Grabbagreen currently has three company-owned locations in Arizona. The Grabbagreen App is available on both iTunes and Google play.  Visit for the latest company news and location information. You can also find Grabbagreen on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.