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Acai to Salmon: Grabbagreen’s Super-foods Squad | Grabbagreen

All food is not created equal. Some are more nutrient-packed than others. These kinds of food are more equipped to help our bodies fight diseases, rebuild body tissues, and keep our organs in good shape. From antioxidants to vitamins, this wide-ranging category of foods contains key nutritional elements that our bodies need to thrive.

At Grabbagreen, we have made nature’s bountiful gift of these life-sustaining foods the template for menu offerings.

  1. Avocado is filled with cell-repairing nutrients great for enhancing immunity. If you’re working towards a healthy body weight, it’s a good food to keep on your diet. It is low in sugar and high in certain food properties that reduces the feeling of hunger. With our “Grab Your Own” menu option, you can add helpings of avocado into just about anything.
  2. Acai is a grape-colored fruit native to South America. It is loaded with antioxidants that help our bodies build immunity. All our Acai Cups—Amazonia, Cococabana, and Rio—are tasty and filling and are prepared with organic acai.
  3. Blackberries—one of the key ingredients in our Rio Acai Cup—have an unusually high amount of antioxidants and vitamins. This simply means that it is the go-to food to help defend the body from infections and other diseases.
  4. Kale is one of the building blocks of our healthy menu selections. From our Grabba Grain meals to our Elixirs, kale is used for the powerful vitamin boost it offers. It is a good way of replenishing vitamin K, A, and C. It is rich with those healthy fats we need to keep our hearts functioning well. It’s also a good source of iron, a fact that vegetarians love.
  5. Salmon: Salmon is packed full of omega 3 fatty acids, which helps with the functioning of the heart. Our Tokyo Bay meal, prepared with Salmon, Brown rice, and vegetables, is a tasty option for non-meat foodies. Super foods are more effective when we eat them in moderation and in combination with other nutrient rich foods. That’s why at Grabbagreen, we use super foods in a nutritionally balanced way.

About Grabbagreen

Founded in 2013, Grabbagreen is a fast food food + juice restaurant where great tasting, healthy food meet the speed and convenience of traditional fast food. Grabbagreen’s food and juice menu is  preservative-free, naturally gluten-free and GMO free. The whole food menu is based on super food ingredients and offers a full selection of grain and green-based bowls with fresh hormone-free and antibiotic-free proteins provided by local farms, fresh-pressed juice, handcrafted smoothies and acai bowls, breakfast and healthy kid-friendly items. All signature menu items are prepared fresh, made-to-order and provide a delicious experience for customers and a variety of flavors to meet dietary needs. Grabbagreen currently has three company-owned locations in Arizona. The Grabbagreen App is available on both iTunes and Google play.  Visit for the latest company news and location information. You can also find Grabbagreen on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.